Which type of ride-on lawn mower is best for your land?

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Which type of ride-on lawn mower is best for your land?

If your garden has a large lawn or you have an acre or two of land that needs regular mowing, a ride-on mower is the obvious solution to save time and energy. There are three main types on the market, and you will need to decide which one is best for you.

Rear-engine mower

This is likely to be the cheapest type of ride-on mower you can buy and will also be the smallest. However, it may be the best option if your garden is not too big. It is not likely to be much more effective than the more expensive push-along mowers, but the convenience of being able to ride it can make all the difference. Its smaller size will make it more manoeuvrable than other ride-on mowers, allowing you to get into tighter corners and smaller spaces. For a larger piece of land though, you will probably want a more powerful machine.

Lawn and garden mower

This is probably the standard type of ride-on mower, which is ideal for use on areas of land that are large enough that a push mower would be impractical. The engine will be at the front and the grass collection and dispersal is usually at the side. Its main advantages are that they have a lot more power than rear-engine models and also have a wider cutting width. This means you will be able to mow a large area much more quickly and with less fuel consumption. Their size can be a disadvantage though as it will be difficult to get into awkward-shaped spaces.

Zero-turn mower

Zero-turn mowers are likely to be the most expensive models and are most suited to pieces of land that need to be kept in top condition, such as golf courses. They have very large cutting areas but have extremely tight turning circles. They are also likely to be faster and more powerful than the standard lawn and garden mowers. They are probably more than you need to cut a large garden or even a couple of fields but will be the best option if the quality of the finished work is of paramount importance.

Which type of mower you choose will depend on the type of land you have and the results you need. Just talk to a ride-on mower supplier for further advice, and the days of pushing a heavy mower along the ground will be in the past.

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