Why Add a Stabilisation Layer to Gravel Paths in Your Garden?

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Why Add a Stabilisation Layer to Gravel Paths in Your Garden?

Gravel can make garden paths look more attractive. They don't need much maintenance, and the stones will deal with rainfall so you don't have to worry about water pooling or flowing into the wrong places.

However, gravel can cause some problems. To create more effective pathways, it pays to put down a gravel stabilisation product under the stones. How do these products work, and why are they a good idea?

What Is a Gravel Stabiliser?

A gravel stabiliser is a type of temporary paving. It typically comes in a cell design and looks like a sheet of honeycomb shapes. Each shape is basically a hole which holds gravel stones.

You lay the paving on your paths before you put down the gravel. Once it is in place, you fill it up. The gravel fills the cells, and at the end, it creates a top layer that covers the paving completely. All you can see at this stage is a flat and even layer of stones.

Why Use Gravel Stabilisation?

While gravel looks good, it's not always easy to control. Wind and path usage will push some stones out of place on a regular basis. The gravel will spread off the pathway, and you may find that weeds push through what is left on the path.

This makes your paths look straggly and untidy. You'll have to spend time brushing the gravel back into place and weeding it to tidy things up again.

Plus, deeper layers of stones aren't always easy to walk on. You'll feel like you're sinking into the path. This also isn't an ideal surface if you have kids — outdoor toys like trikes and bikes don't always run smoothly on thick gravel layers.

If you put down sheets of stabiliser, then you create a holding structure for the stones. The stabiliser keeps them in place. So, you won't have to spend as much time dealing with stray stones or refilling your path if it starts to look too threadbare.

Plus, the stabiliser also works as a support. It makes it firmer and easier to walk or ride on. While most of these products are permeable to allow water to drain away, they do act as a barrier between the gravel and underlying soil. This barrier should also help keep weeds at bay.

So, if you're about to add some gravel paths in your garden, contact local companies that sell landscaping supplies and ask them to recommend stabilisation products.

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